About Me

My name is Robert Mitchell, Rob for short.  I am currently an undergraduate Aerospace Engineering student at the University of Cincinnati.  I am originally from the village of Granville, Ohio, just 3o miles east of Columbus.  It’s a beautiful town that’s a nice break from its much more rural surroundings.


At UC, I am a member of the Bearcat Bands, which consists of a marching, concert, and pep bands, where I play the greatest instrument of all time (trumpet players are supposed to be cocky, right?).

I consider myself to be a pretty good person.  I often go out of my way to makes others happy.  Not that I think I’m perfect by any means, but I do the best I can.  I consider myself intelligent, although I can be pretty stupid sometimes too.  I’m a bit nerdy as well; I love video games, movies, essentially anything electronic.

This is just a little bit about me, I’m sure I’ll add more later!


3 responses

23 05 2009

Your book smart, not common sense smart 🙂

12 10 2009


12 10 2009

oh…and robbie, i think you’re plenty smart. 🙂
obviously smarter than zac.

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